For this project, I created a solution with IoT + the Cargo Tracking App to kick things off with Loogit. The status of the project is in the final phase - 90% till the release day, and it was developed through Flutter + Dart and Sketch.
A new way of browsing! The latest and most powerful browsing tools have been put to use on this application, working great both for iOS and Android. A flawless and enjoyable experience ready for your needs!
Module Customization! You can set up any 'modules' you desire on the home screen bottom bar, like "temperature" or "gadget" so that you have your own customized in-app home screen
Scheduling! Gone are the days when you needed Excel Spreadsheets, texting or phone calls to schedule a pickup order. Forget that awkward looking software interface!The Lootrack app will take care of that for you!
IoT doing the job for you! Making its way through the dynamic modules that can be triggered and connected to a third party gadget, it is possible to amplify and extend the app's possibilities.

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